About Us

POLYLON GROUP is one of the leading manufacture & exporter of the american dream in the great gatsby essay Polar fleece blankets, coral and other polyester fabrics, Woollen Carpets, Shaggy Rugs , Polar Fleece Blanket, Micro Polyester Bath Mats. POLYLON GROUP is reputable worldwide for excellent Quality Control and Fast Turn around time for delivering all kinds of products or services. Our commitment to customer services and passion for growing the best consumer value have enriched our spectacular growth since 2000.Our experience in management, including a wealth of experience in the areas of finance, strategy and operational management with distribution and direct marketing helped us to be established as one of the best  companies in The World. We have extensive experience developing inventive and original marketing campaigns that build our customer relationships in the retail and consumer product industries. It is notable here that we do not, for an instance, suggest that our customer should come directly to us. There are many options for our customers to choose and it is after all the buyer’s prerogative. However, when sourcing hope you will be aware of buy research paper online minute differences, because that is what we are. We are successful because we are different. We are different because customers wants the differences. Hopefully we will given an opportunity to serve you too and to thereby build a long-term relationship with you.


We have grown into an Organization to be reckoned standards especially due to our spectacular vision, dedication and extensive commitment to quality standards.

Since establishment we are employing the policy of high quality and low price. We control quality at each and every production level and finally before, shipping goods. We have lived up to our reputation and high expectations of our production time at any destination across the globe.


Our system of quality assurance is based upon dynamic quality management system to improve product quality, quality checks and carried out at regular intervals.  All these factors allow the company to offer premium quality products to its customers.

We are proud to be working for the betterment of working environment by Discouraging child labour, bonded labour, discrimination etc. Recommended as per ILO conventions .

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